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This is a sampler of two forms of "visualizations" I use, depending on the project and the amount of time the client is willing to have invested in supportive illustrations beyond basic master plans (and planting plans). There are more "glamorous" forms of 3D modeling, which can be made into moving video of the imaginary digital model with the right software. However if the project is not a large or complex and the buildings are not the concern of the assignment, then I feel it is adequate for the landscape to become the focus of a more traditional perspective showing the building as a reference backdrop for proposed trees and other site features. There is also another approach that allows limited views in a series, or for spots of greatest concern. If the client can provide digital photos with some background elements to anchor one or more views, then photo editing can suggest the future appearance, since the camera captures the perspective information to work over in producing a useful rendering. I give examples below of both approaches.

At left and below are watercolor-style perspective views of 2 residences. The first is a level back yard designed to meet the owner's need for an active area, covered social dining, and infiltration gardens. Details of the connecting path from covered porch, bonsai-like tree in raised planter, and dwarf bamboo in chateau wall with outdoor grill framing a small pavilion, will lend an oriental touch as seen from a large viewing window in all seasons

The following pair of drawings were made to show projected plantings for a new split-level house on a corner lot, which needed traffic buffering but tree framing for desired views of a historic church from the upper floor rooms. The two shifted positions help relate the lawn areas and relative grade changes.

Below are a series of photo revision style visualizations (over existing conditions). Click to see images.

Alley Garden
Changed Lakeside
Arrival Area

Side Lawn

Chapel Stage
L Shaped Courtyard
Narrow Side

L Shaped Courtyard
Main Space

Entry Sign Study
Foundation Planting
Patio Study 1
Patio Study 2/3
Patio Study 4
Social Area & Screen
Side View

Social Area & Screen

Urban Plan
Monument Sign