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This is a list of my 1997-2013 New Age Pieces.

Below is a "shortcut" for links that will take you to the music without having to read formerly available text pages. If you want to dig deeper, I plan to furnish future comments on what the titles refer to from the year that they were new compositions.

In early 2011 I finished going over the 1997-2000 pieces and (if you have collected any of them before) please note that those with an asterisk* were revised the most, involving key or time signatures or modifications to the melody.

Keep in mind that they are NOT pop or rock, but are "piano music" for pianists, based on romantic and classical influences. Some are easier, some more challenging. I hope you will find something to enjoy.


Definition? "New Age" is an illusive term for an equally illusive type of music. Drawing from the musical influence of the Impressionists in combination with contemporary elements, New Age Music offers the performer a wealth of coloristic sound combinations. Compositions are usually "flowing and resonant" and interpretive. This contemporary genre of music often deals with natural phenomena and provides an impression of nature. It engages the listener to experience a feeling or mood, frequently one of introspection, peace and calm, or by contrast evokes feelings of high energy." - From Neil A. Kjos Piano Library

2005  A Bridge to Somewhere
2012  A Very Small Place
2003  After the Recital
1998  After the Storm*
2003  Albizzia
2011 (from earlier song) Another Way
2001  A Light in the Woods
1997  A Path to Take
1997  August Lullaby

2009  Bark Textures
1997  Beyond Yesterday
2003  Birdsong1
2008  Birdsong2
1997  Broken Promise*

1999  Camellias in the Snow*
1998  Campus Owls*
2012  Changing Signs
1999  Circle of Trees*
2008  Climbing Roses
2009  Cottage Arbors
2013  Cotyledon
2004  (Florida Memory) Crane Creek Sunset
2006  Crystal Twilight

2001  Dandelions     
2009  Dark Currents
1997  Daydream Prelude
2000  Day Near the Eno River*
2003  Deliberations
2013  Delphinium
1999  Deserts
2007  Distant Colors
2011  Dormant Season
2006  Dragonflies
2007  Dreamcatcher
2003  (Florida Memory) Drifting Seed

1997  Early Morning
2011  Early Hours
2005 (Florida Memory) Edge of the Lagoon
2012  Eridemus
1998  Evening with the Comet
2005  Eye of the Beholder
2009  Eyes in the Trees

1997  Family Album
2013  Faure
2011 (from earlier song) Fellowman
2005  Figurines
2005  Floating Flower
2008  Flowering Hillside
2007  Flowers in the Garden
2001  Forest Shadows
2005  Forest Veil
2001  Forgotten Longings

2008  Gardenias
2008  Garden Walls
2003  Garland's Meadow
2000  Gentle Rain*
2005  Glimpse of a Deer
1998  Golden Clouds
1999  Gratitude
2011  Growing Space
2012  Guiding Purpose

1998  Hamlet Chapel Road
1997  Heart-shaped Box
2008  Heirlooms
1998  Hidden Moon*
2006  Hiding Places
1997  Hopeful Change
2000  Hymn of the Oak

1998  Imaginary Tale*
2001  In an April Mood
2010  Interval1 (Tension)
2010  Interval2 (Contemplation)
2010  Interval3 (Adjustment)
2010  Interval4 (Hope)
2010  Interval5 (Resolve)
2010  Interval6 (Change)
1999  Islands*
2001  It's Love After All
1999  Ivory and Wood*

1997  Keys of Pearl
1998  Last Leaves of Autumn
2011  Late Sun
2009  Letter from Carra
1999  Lighthouses and Windmills
1997  Lingering Love
2001  Listen to the Night
1999  Lonely Sparrow
2002  Long Awaited Rain
2005  Lord of Luvene
1997  Lost Sounds
2002  Lotus in a Painting

2004  Meltwater
2007  Messages
1998  Millstream Waterdance*
2009  Missing Pieces
2005  Moment in the Mirror
2008  Moonlit Pines
2005  Moon Petals

2001  Needing Forgiveness
2013  Nightfall
2012  Normal Uncertainty
2001  November Butterfly
2003  Oakdale Church
1999  Oceans Apart*
2012  Open Fields
2008  Ornamentum

2000  Passing Notion*
2003  Passing Time
2008  Pavilion
2009  Poetic Stones
2000  Prayer for Corinna
1998  Quiet Pond*

2005  Rainbeads
1999  Realm of Misplaced Things*
1997  Rekindled Melody
1999  Return to Sarah*
2009  Ruins of Dunleith

2003  Sandbars
2011  Samaras Dance
2009  Sculpture Cove
2013  Second Rain
2003  Secret Waterfall
2006  Silver Ripples
1998  Smithwood Church*
2008  Snapdragons
2000  Song Before Spring*
2003  Spirit Trail
2002  Starry Grotto
2011  Storm Shadow
2000  Sunflowers
1998  Sunlit Winter Day
2009  Surface Imprints

2007  Taken Away
2008  Tanglewood
2008  Terrace Steps
2011 (from earlier song) The Day I Knew
2008  This December
2000  Timely Encounter
2007  Trail's End
1997  Tribute

1997  Uncertain Friendship
1997  Unwelcome Conflict
2008  Upper Room
2000  Waiting on the Unknown*
2005  Water Spiral
1999  WebSong*
1999  Whatever May Come
2007  Wheels of Time
1998  Wild Geese
2009  Wood Gnarls
2013  Woodland Ferns
2006  Zinnias

Historic Quote:"Sound has called unto sound and the forest is all one mighty harmony. Is it deep organ music that strikes upon my ear, while fainter strains drift lingering among the arches of the trees? Brief silence falls. The aery music wakens anew and all about me there is ...murmerings within murmurings. Every leaf has its own tongue; every blade of grass gives back its individual note." - From Francois Chateaubriand (Diary), quoted in "Appalachian Wilderness" with photos by my favorite nature photographer, Eliot Porter.